Saturday, 26 March 2011

Sir Alex Ferguson versus BBC

So Sir Alex Ferguson is to meet Mark Thompson of the BBC according to the Daily Mirror. Who really cares?
We pay our TV Licence fees  and this ignorant man refuses to speak to us but sends one of his lackeys to talk to the BBC. He only has a job because we pay for the football, either directly or indirectly and it is an absolute affront that he puts his own personal gripe with the BBC before his duty to talk to the public.
It is right that he should be sanctioned by the football authorities.
Until he deigns to talk publicly about his work then the media should boycott his workplace and impose a complete media blackout on anything connected with Manchester United until he is removed from his post.
Too many well known people think they can put themselves above the rest of us but if they are in the public domain they should remain there or totally remove themselves.
The rights or wrongs of his disagreement with the BBC are neither here nor there to most of us and he has not backed his actions by any legal means but resorts to pathetic puerile petulance.
Grow up Ferguson or retire.

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