Saturday, 26 March 2011

Hundreds Arrested Amid Violence At Mass Demo

I could write about this for hours but it will not get me far - why? Because large sections of the public, expecially members of groups, political parties, public servants only hear what they want to hear and what their leaders want them to understand.
Bigotry is so deep seated in politics and Trades Unions that it would appear that their views would never change.
Unfortunately many of these views defy logic.
I read a comment relating to the news of the demonstration that was complaining about the state of pensions at the same time as condemning the greed of shareholders.
WHERE THE HELL DO THEY THINK THE MONEY COMES FROM FOR PENSIONS. I apologise for telling the informed majority but for the uninformed if you do not invest in a way that your money grows then your pensions will be worthless.
In the private sector the money paid for pensions is invested in funds that give returns to pay pensioners in the future. In many areas of the public sector the monies were never invested but pensioners are paid from current receipts. More and more pensioners, less and less receipts - do I need to explain further?
Many of the minority groups in this country, like political parties, trades unions, members of Liberty need to realize that 60 million people in this country were not at the demonstration. There were approximately 2 million people fishing, 10 million visiting friends and family, 15 million working. etc, etc,.
Come on you SILENT MAJORITY. For our sakes and the sake of our descendants start to educate these minority groups. Join in these discussion, write comments, start your own blogs, Tweet and send to Facebook. Do something, just like I have because we really need to make a difference now. 

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