Monday, 28 March 2011

More Strikes by BA Cabin Crew

I can not believe it!!! When will these Cabin Crew ever learn that they have no support from anyone but themselves.
I have been flying regularly for the last 30 years, and in the last 15 up to 40 to 50 flights per year. When I started flying BA was the preferred supplier to our company ( and unfortunately still is !!) and because it was easy to get a Silver or Gold card with all the kudos that attracted, I and many of my colleagues went out of their way to fly BA. Eventually Executive Club Cards were more difficult to obtain due to BA changes to the rules and so my flight preferences generally were based on convenience. This opened my eyes to better experiences when flying.
The BA cabin crew used to be friendly, pleasant, efficient and a made the travel experience relatively enjoyable.
However in recent times the change to Terminal 4 was a disaster, the lack of an Executive Club Card a slight disappointment, but the attitude and professionalism of the BA Cabin Crew and also many of the Ground Crew made the flying experience with BA uncomfortable.
The BA employees seem to have lost sight almost totally of the phrase "customer service", which in all aspects of life I seem to value more and more. They appear to be self-centered and only go through the motions on board the flights. There are many occasions when I have seen people almost embarrassed to interrupt the conversations between staff as their private lives appear more important than the customers' needs.
The BA staff have been extremely privileged in the past with perks far greater than the ordinary working folk.
If they were in fact being really hard done by, and if they were providing excellent service then it is possible they might get some support outside of their own circle.
However, they are being led by a union ( UNITE ) that seems hell bent on destroying BA. The union appears to need publicity and membership increase  as they are well known for overstating their membership figures ( by as much as 20% ) and in my opinion, seem to be using the BA cabin Crew fort heir own purposes rather than for the benefit of the BA employees.
Check all the comments on the Internet and in the press and see how much support there is for the Cabin Crew and Unite - very little.
So come on BA management - don't give in to this riff raff. Employ better staff, retrain the ones you keep and get your eye back on the ball of customer service. I will not use BA again by choice, only through necessity, as if I have a choice I will use Austrian, Air France, Lufthansa, Swiss Air - all who give a more pleasant experience to the traveller.

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