Thursday, 10 May 2012

Blackpool to become Yellowpool?

Today large numbers of police are converging on London to protest about budget cuts. They claim that they are concerned that the standards of policing will be compromised by the cuts although the vast majority of the public believe that in reality they are concerned about their own pay, pensions and conditions.
Police say that front-line policing will be affected by these cuts but there are areas in all police authorities that could be removed or reduced to save costs.
So why is the title of this blog relating to Blackpool?
Apparently Scotland Yard IT staff have received an email form security services chief Brian Douglas who wrote " the IB (Information Board) are concerned with the use of the term "whitelist"  and ( I presume Blacklist )...... so please ensure it is no longer used. "
Staff have been told to use red and green instead.
Any discussions relating to this matter, internal meetings, emails etc, are all costing money and as such are an unacceptable misuse of taxpayers money.
My blog title suggests that may be Blackpool must change its name to Yellowpool, the Blackdown Hills become the Reddown Hills, the All Blacks become the All Pinks!!!!
We must put a stop to this nonsense and those people at Scotland Yard involved in these discussions MUST be disciplined for wasting public funds