Wednesday, 14 December 2011

More Hidden Costs re Badger Cull

I do not like the idea of killing badgers to see if it will reduce the incidence of bovine TB, however I dislike even more the way that society allows minority groups the power and  ability to cost taxpayers money.
Our democratically elected government have taken it on themselves to allow a cull in order to try to reduce the extremely rapid increase ( approx 600 cases in 1990 and 25000 cases in 2010 ) of TB in cattle .
That is their prerogative and it is fair for people to express their concerns relating to this act but it is not fair in my opinion for a minority group to seek legal action against the government.
Any sort of legal action will cost the taxpayers extra money in the long term and it should not be possible for this burden to be passed to the working man.
We kill approximately 50000 badgers on the roads each year but I do not see any legal action to ban cars from the roads, therefore I believe this type of protest is not necessarily for the benefit of the poor badger, but is prompted by other motives.
We know the opposition will be against any decision made by the government, but that is what they do!!!
It should be accepted in this economic climate that public debate is fine, but additional cost to taxpayers must absolutely not be permitted.

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