Thursday, 15 December 2011

BBC Cost Cutting

How can anyone justify paying enormous salaries to the likes of David Dimbleby and contemplate cutting local celebrities from regional radio shows?
Dimbleby is reportedly getting £450000 per year for hosting Question Time ( increasingly badly in my view) and another £250000 for just being available and covering any other odd jobs.
BBC Devon Radio have already reduced a morning program hosted by local hero Gordon Sparks, and there are fears that he will be axed altogether. Local MP's Gary Streeter and Alison Seabeck have both written to Lort Patten, chairman of the BBC Trust, to intervene.
Dimbleby appears as a shallow, self-opinionated , rude curmudgeon whereby Gordon Sparks ( known locally as Sparksy ) is passionate about local issues, local sport and has enormous support from councillors, MP's and the majority of the local public.
What sort of arrogance is there at the top of the BBC that can ignore the feelings of those that pay them their wages through licence fees?
We, the British Public, must not allow ourselves to be browbeatebn into submission over issues such as these. Write to your MP's, stop listening to the BBC national stations for a period to show the power of the silent majority.
Start a coordinated campaign to boycott the corporation until they submit or until there is a major change in their management.

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