Friday, 11 February 2011

Plymouth Airport

Time for a change here also

For several weeks I have read and listened to so much rhetoric and jingoism about Plymouth City Airport and the "devastating" effect on the loss of the Gatwick Flights.
If the figures were properly analysed it would be evident that the flights are indeed used by a very small number of regulars.
I fly in or out of the UK about 40 times per year and all my final destinations are a minimum of 45 minutes from the airport of landing and in one case three and a half hours.
If all the wasted effort and discussion about the need for Plymouth Airport had been diverted to improving Exeter I would be delighted to have a 45 min drive to the airport and be able to fly to hubs such as Vienna, Paris and Geneva.
Currently I take a train to London Heathrow ( as most of my flights go from there ) and I can checkin within 4 hours of boarding the train in Plymouth. I have not yet missed a flight since I started using the train, whereby I not only missed several when flying from Plymouth but was sometimes dumped off at Bristol or Newquay at the end of 10 hours travel. At least I know I can get home at a reasonable time on the train.
So come on Plymouth - Chamber of Commerce, Councillors and all other vociferous parties and kill of this Airport in favour of something much more viable and more useful to the community as a whole.   

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  1. As Plymouth "airport" is a glorified flying school with no room for expansion, and no possibility of real passenger jets landing there, it's time to get real!