Saturday, 26 February 2011

Joby and Intellectual Property Rights

Some time ago I purchased a camera and received 2 flexible tripods, one in a box. As I did not require both I tried to sell one on eBay. After a few days I had an email from eBay to inform me that the item had been withdrawn as there was an issue concerning "intellectual property rights".
Apparently Joby, who are responsible for the Gorilla Pod, took exception to the fact that I was selling a cheap  imitation of their product and to ensure this does not happen they appear to troll the internet looking for people infringing their "intellectual property rights".
I could understand this if I was selling hundreds and importing fakes from China, but it is incredibly high handed to deal with a private seller selling one item. When I pointed this out to Joby through Sandro Fulgheri, one of their European representatives, I was informed that if I had a problem with this action I could contact the companies  lawyers.
This appears to be typical of American attitudes and indicative of their business methods. As a result I will never buy Joby products even if they were superb.
It is time people fought back against American standards which are unacceptable to most Europeans.

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  1. I was almost tempted to buy a Gorillapod as I noticed it advertised here by Google for only £9.99.
    Fortunately I read this post first and do not agree with Joby's "bullyboy" tactics. I certainly do not want them preventing me selling on the Gorillapod in future should I decide I no longer need it. Who do they think they are!!
    They have just lost a sale as I have no desire to be advised to contact a bunch of overpaid company lawyers. Let the silent majority start making their presence felt.