Monday, 5 December 2011

Panorama and the Supermarkets

Well done Panorama in highlighting what many of us new already. Never mind the Office of Fair Trading or consumer watchdogs, these issues can be resolved by you and me.
What has been reported is just a symptom of the "rip-off" disease rampant in our country. Groups that have been "occupying" London, Manchester, Exeter and many other cities are not really achieving very much other than annoying the general public.
Real results can be obtained with even less effort by the shoppers of Britain. It is not necessary to protest with placards, write letters, but far more effective to change the policies of the major supermarkets by negative actions.
It is well known that fruit and vegetables, for example, are cheaper in local markets, farmers markets and local grocers.
A well coordinated and planned campaign to boycott, for a period, fruit and veg from one or all the main supermarkets would certainly make them sit up and listen. If enough people took part then the power would shift from major organisations to us as individuals.
We have the power, but it is necessary to harness that power.
In later blogs I will explore how this can be applied to banking, utilities, international chains, but this power would have to be very carefully managed in case we put out of business organisations that we need.

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