Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Who's Money

It seems recently that we are being bombarded with rhetoric that is designed specifically to stir up  the emotions and anti-government feeling. Who is behind this sustained attack on our senses and our reasoning ability?I feel that in particular the media are behaving in a most irresponsible manner in order to increase either their circulation or viewing figures. The silent majority has no way to express opinions on a wide base such as press, radio or television. I sent a letter to the local paper and although it was published as the leading letter, it had been censored without my knowledge or agreement and therefore the whole sense of what I was trying to convey was diluted.
We are subjected to the views on televison, radio and in the press only of minority groups such as the Labour Party, the Tory Party, Unison, GMB, NFU etc., etc.
The total membership of these minority groups is less than 10 million which means that the other 50 million of us have no voice at all.
These minority groups combined with the desperate media are trying to twist our view of reality. They use words such as "devastating" to describe the effect on the police of a pay cut. Devastating means "destroying completely"
There is constant reference to Government Financial cuts as if the Government can produce money and then decide how to spend it.
The reality is that ALL THE MONEY comes from our back pockets and purses. Whether this is through taxes and other deductions, or the increase in goods and services such as utility prices where tax is also deducted from the profits for the Government's Treasury WE ARE THE ONES PAYING.
So when the public sector want their fringe benefits maintained, their overtime paid for, services that we can not do without, WHERE DO THEY THINK THE MONEY COMES FROM.
Yes, cuts are terrible and affect many sectors of our society in uncomfortable ways but I for one am no longer prepared to put my hand in my pocket and pay out more of my earnings for all these social benefits, road repairs, libraries, or whatever some people see as essentials. 50% of all I earn is going back to the country either directly or indirectly and I want to keep what I have left and not spend any more,
There are times in all our lives when things are difficult to manage, either through illness, loss of jobs, children arriving, education to pay for, high interest rates, but in the end we have to balance our own budgets and buy what is necessary and what we can afford.
Every sector of society, whether it be the police, charities, hospitals, road repairers all believe they have a special case and indeed if we won the Euro Millions we would all be happy to pay for these services but at the moment it is no longer feasable to spend more than we are earning as a society.

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